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Francine (right), founder of DROP Infrared Sauna Studio, is a self-described wellness advocate and seeker of all things Detoxifying! She is also a certified Ashtanga yogi who spends countless hours researching the most effective body detox and cleansing routines. Her ultimate passion is finding innovative ways to achieve ultimate health–DETOX, meditation and movement are her essentials.

The youngest child from a large New Jersey family, Francine learned at a young age that looking and feeling great is ultimately powered by meticulous care for your body. She studied Communications and Marketing at UNLV—ultimately leading to a career in hospitality, and later, medical sales. The last decade has been spent raising a family and re-focusing on the passion that drives her. Exercise and fashion being two main staples of interest, it’s no surprise she would team up to brand her wellness obsession with AthletiCouture. When faced with a personal health challenge, she exhausted all options in place of conventional medicine. Her persistence paid off, as that journey uncovered the need—and love—for infrared sauna therapy. Hence, DROP Sauna was born!


Shelley (left), founder of DROP AthletiCouture, grew up as the daughter of a college basketball coach, and organically, at very young age, developed a hunger for athletics and competition. It was these younger years of constant activity that cultivated her passion for health and fitness. Watching her parents venture and succeed in the world of entrepreneurship, she was encouraged to become a well-rounded individual and experienced first-hand the labor of love and what it takes to build a successful business.

In college she studied Marketing and followed that education into the hospitality industry where she worked up the ranks from front desk to General Manager to now a Co-Founder in Ridgeline Hospitality Management. Through the years in hospitality, she learned the ins-and-outs of opening and operating hotels, selling and marketing in a variety of markets, and managing successful teams. As her love of health and fitness continued to support and drive her, she came to realize that it was time to pursue her passion in a whole different way. Being a part of, and recognizing the ever-growing market that has been woefully underserved in the Las Vegas area, she began the quest to fill that void. It was from her love for fitness, fashion, and functionality that AthletiCouture was born.