Sauna experiences have been used throughout history to enhance human health—sweating as a method of detoxifying. However, most methods are unable to effectively penetrate human tissue and are often not well tolerated.

Infrared heat, found in the sunlight, is required by all living things and is void of harmful UV rays. Infrared saunas surround you with FAR infrared energy which deeply penetrates skin tissue, joints and muscles—increasing oxygen flow and circulation. Full-spectrum saunas, like the ones you will find at DROP, incorporate NEAR, MID & FAR infrared energy. This thorough penetration allows up to seven times (20%) more detoxification than typical sweating (2-3%). This process helps drive impurities from fat cells where heavy toxins and waste are stored.

With all that we come in contact with in our daily lives, there is no doubt we are all in need of consistent, quality detox—and the list of reported health benefits is astounding. Where do we begin?!



40 Minutes 140 Degrees  Burn Up to 600 Calories Heal Your Body

NOTE: If you are working with a doctor who would like infrared to become part of your treatment, please let us know so we can work with you and your practitioner to develop a convenient and affordable custom plan.