As each new year arrives, with it comes the pressure we put on ourselves… yep, resolutions. Some dreaded and some eagerly anticipated, but nonetheless, typically associated with, ‘how can I be better and what more can I do this year to make me better?’ What if we change the narrative this year and not focus on what MORE we can do, and instead focus on LESS?! We are often told ‘less is more’, so this year it’s time to take things away and make more out of less. Less stress, less conflict, less complaints, less medication, perhaps, dare we say less toxins and less inflammation?!

By narrowing your focus, all of this ‘less’ is within your reach.  

Start by asking yourself these questions:  

  • What distractions can I eliminate to make me more productive with my time?  For instance, maybe turning your phone on silent while you complete a designated task.  
  • How do I create more meaningful interactions with the time I have? Consider setting yourself a shorter timeframe with your interaction up front (and stick to it!) but then make a point to eliminate or minimize any distractions by removing electronic devices so you can really focus on the person/people in front of you to make the most of your interaction.  
  • How can I be more protective of my time so that I am spending it on things and people that make me a better person and serve my intentions? It is OK to say ‘no’ to people and engagements that don’t align with your goals and intentions. The ones in your life that support you will understand! 
  • What activities can I incorporate into my lifestyle routine that will allow me to accomplish multiple goals at the same time? For instance, sitting in an IR sauna allows you to reset, relax, reflect, meditate, recover, maybe catch up on some reading or a favorite show, all while dramatically improving your health and well-being at the same time.  
As much as we would like to think that we are all robots who can manage 10 things successfully at once, studies repeatedly show that we really can not do more than two things at a time, if we plan to do them well (Why We Can’t Do 3 Things at Once | Live Science). Knowing this, how about eliminating things from your life, allowing you to really focus on what serves you the most, makes you happiest, and improves your overall health and wellness? 2023 is all about LESS!!!