2021 is a new year! A new opportunity to curate our place in this world by making a choice to “live with intention.”

Intention (noun): “a thing intended; an aim or plan.”

“Living with intention” means becoming more aware of ourselves, our desires… our true purpose. It means doing what we want to do, rather than letting the raging river of life pull (or drag) us along for the ride. It means learning to focus on what we can control and wasting less time on what we cannot. It means learning to care for others without losing ourselves. Living with intention will lead us to a more fulfilling and happy life!

Today, we would like to share with you 7 tips to help you live with intention:

1. Map Your Success: Imagine your “perfect day” if you could do anything/be anywhere/be with anyone you want (imagine there are no barriers—money or COVID 🙄). Dream big and write it down so you can refer back to it later! Get real with yourself and consider what you value in life. What do I need? Where would I live? Who would I spend time with? BTW: Chances are, many of us wouldn’t include spending time on social media in our “perfect day”. Ask yourself, what do I consider success? At the end of the day (at the end of “the road”), where do I want to end up? And finally, how would I like to be remembered?

…Now, always keeping the road map you’ve just created in mind (keeping your eyes on the prize), move on to 2-6.

2. Prioritize: What can you do this year that will help you get closer to that “perfect day”? Now break that down day by day… Start each day by asking yourself “what can I do today to get me closer to my perfect day?

3. Set Boundaries: Just as important as prioritization, ensuring you don’t take on things that don’t add to your ability to accomplish your goals is equally important. Learn to say “no.” Learn to say it without feeling guilty. If you allow yourself to become distracted from your goal—you will not reach it!

4. Establish Rituals: In order to remain focused, it’s important to implement small daily rituals (that will become habits with consistency). Whether it’s spending the first 10 minutes of the day meditating, spending a few minutes in the morning writing down your goals or gratitudes for the day, or making an effort to exercise more (Schedule it! Is it on your calendar?)—consistent action in the direction of your goals is THE KEY TO SUCCESS.

5. Each Day Is A New Day: Being too hard on yourself is detrimental. Each day is a new day—start again… the important thing is that you do not give up.

6. Live In the Moment: Remember, don’t get so focused on your “perfect day” that you forget to enjoy the ride and your many successes along the way.

7. Fuel Your Body & Your Soul: You will not achieve your goals if you do not fuel your body and your soul. Period.

Say it with us: “I’m about to walk into the most fulfilling and soul-nourishing year of my life.” …See you there! 🔥