At about this time every year, most of us are filled with so many hopes for what the new calendar will hold in store.  Carefully orchestrating resolutions and crafting plans to do a multitude of things.  For most, a fitness or wellness regimen is at, or near, the top of the list.  Whether you’re someone who tracks their own progress, or not… whether you’re using a fitbit, apple watch or Oura ring – we know by now that every little bit of movement counts! It counts toward our mental and physical well being and can catapult 2022 into the orbit of personal success!

But hold on! Let’s not put any pressure around any such plan just yet.  The holidays can often leave us depleted and a bit outside of our normal routines. We know it’s time to dive back in, but life’s demands are ever present. Can’t make it to the gym, sauna, or pilates as often as we’d like – so why even bother at all??  Historically, people set sky high expectations on new years resolutions – which often leave them destined for failure!  At Drop, we are challenging you to use the STACK IT UP approach, because it can reset your mentality and remove resolution stress altogether.  What does this even mean? Read ON!

At times, we have clients who can’t make it in to sauna as often as they would like, or as often as they “used to” so they want to cancel coming altogether. Our reply is the same every single time – coming with any consistency is better than not coming at all. Your body remembers positive, impactful vibrations. So, ok, you used to come 3 or 4 times per week but current financial demands or time constraints are no longer allowing that. So STACK IT UP by picking one day per week that you can commit to.  That’s 160 minutes of intense DETOX in an average month as opposed to zero!  And nearly 2000 minutes by years end! Throw some light hand-weights into the mix and VOILA! You’ve just killed two birds with one stone.

The same thing goes for any fitness or nutrition regimen, really.  If you are looking to make some booty gains or to strengthen your upper body but aren’t making it to the gym or your favorite class? Commit to 25 strong squats or lunges per day. Or 25 bicep curls. Now, you may not have any hour BUT you certainly have one minute before you hop into the shower.  You’d be STACKING UP hundreds of spot strengthening exercises that can make a difference! Walking is the single best thing we can do for ourselves but who as time for that?? Doesn’t seem so overwhelming when we apply the stack it up approach, does it?   A couple miles once or twice per week will add up just fine – 25 miles per month means 300 miles per year!

CAVEAT: Obviously this is not the plan for you if you are looking to make serious or drastic changes quickly. And if you have more time, DO MORE! This is just an easy way to keep your mindset and body active.  It is enough to keep you strong and it definitely adds up. By stacking it up, you keep your body conditioned and ready for more.

The same approach applies to nutritional goals as well – which is typically a very close second to fitness on the ‘resolution’ list!  Too stressful or expensive to get your fresh green juice in every day? So maybe you do it every other day or every third day?  The amount of nutrients most certainly STACK UP at the end of a week, month and year.

Where can I get my exercises in?  Well, at Drop, we have no shame in our game!  Standing at the front desk in between clients, on the sidelines of our kids games may mean calf raises or some lunges.  Too embarrassing? Well one of our favorites is intense butt squeezes while serving as a personal uber to our children!  You can find all kinds of ways and places to fit it in and STACK IT UP.  It can actually be fun to get creative.

We challenge you to get rid of the “all or nothing” mentality in 2022 and go with the less stressful approach instead.  Intense detox is becoming necessary in our everchanging world. We invite you in to learn more about how infrared sauna therapy may help you. If it’s not already part of your regimen, let us show you why it should be this year!  STACK IT UP with us at Drop!

Happy New year!!
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  1. Great article. 👍 We all do have those small time frames to do some sort of exercise. Thanks, I won’t let those times go by without doing something. 😊