In recent years, TOXINS have found their way into our bodies even under the scrutiny of the most watchful eyes! “Health” foods and ‘natural’ or ‘organic’beauty care products carrying dirty secrets you should – and deserve to – know about. Read on and let us help you take the guesswork out of what belongs in your shopping cart – and what doesn’t!

At Drop, we take detoxing our bodies very seriously. Infrared sauna therapy works to break down or lessen inflammation in the body. When we eat foods or

topically apply products that contain DISRUPTORS, our bodies pay the price – whether we realize it or not. Carcinogens, chemicals, and fake dyes are commonly hidden under confusing terms. It makes sense that the more informed we are, the healthier we can be.

Foods and products with the least amount of ingredients are more natural in general.  You can typically distinguish the names of naturally derived ingredients like essential oils compared to chemicals with long, hard to pronounce names. While there may be some necessary unnatural ingredients to preserve shelf life or stave off mold, there should not be a laundry of them.

We are providing you with the following list of ingredients to watch out for in common health foods such as peanut butter or popcorn, and beauty products like shampoo or body moisturizers! You cannot simply wash off toxins once they have traveled beyond the skin into the bloodstream. YES, THAT’S TRUE!

Take a peek here and we challenge you to keep the list handy when shopping to better acquaint yourself with these toxic predators. You will become a super sleuth for your own health and feel like a superstar bringing home healthier products for your family! And always keep in mind that there is nothing more efficient than IR sauna therapy to safely and quickly remove toxins from the

body. You do your part, and our saunas at DROP will help with the rest!  Happy detoxing everyone!