The answer is yes. We are all  being exposed to heavy metals on a daily basis. Here’s a list of common ways this happens:
  • The foods we eat are contaminated with heavy metals through our rain and pesticides – Time to go organic!
  • Your water supply. Clean water is not always the case throughout the USA. For example, high concentrations of arsenic have been found in the groundwater in some states.
  • Cigarette smoke: Even if you are not the one smoking, second hand smoke is as nasty as you’ve heard and is very detrimental for your health. For one – It’s filled with cadmium which can affect your brain, has carcinogenic effects and can damage your DNA.
  • Makeup products: Last months blog went into detail about this, we recommend you read it again and keeping this list handy for next time you go makeup shopping! Read it here!
While this may seem a little overwhelming, it’s not to scare you by any means – it’s simply smart to be aware of things that may be adversely affecting your health. The question is; What can we do about it?….Enter DROP! While it’s not always possible to avoid these things, what we CAN do is support our body detoxify more properly. Read this blog about how important it is to support our detoxification system by using infrared saunas.