A lifestyle that is ever changing and evolving. There are new things to learn and try every day – some may be a bit questionable, and others tried and true. Clearly, we LOVE all things infrared sauna – that being said, we recognize, appreciate, and want to highlight, a few things that you can add to your routine that will enhance your infrared sauna experience, as well as also highlight a few of our local, favorite compliments to IR sauna therapy. To break it down and make it simple, here is a list of our ‘TOP 10 Compliments to your IR Sauna Session’. It’s #GLOWTIME!
 1. Dry brush
Dry brushing before infrared sauna is particularly helpful since you are removing the dead skin cells before you sweat, allowing more toxins to release. Doing it before another activity that makes you sweat like exercise, a hot bath, or a hot shower is helpful as well since you’re opening up the pores first.

2. Magnesium
Spraying magnesium oil onto your skin after your sauna session while your blood vessels are dilated and your pores are open ensures maximum absorbency. Do this once you have stopped sweating and are cooling down, but before your shower.

3. Nooma Hydration
Formulated with electrolyte salts for rapid hydration and fast absorption of critical electrolytes to help fight fatigue, muscle cramps, headaches, lack of focus perfect for an after session treat.

4. Cymbiotika charcoal
Activated charcoal has a positive ionic charge that “absorbs” negatively charged toxins and bacterial endotoxins that can cause inflammation. Take charcoal right after your sauna session to bind the toxins that were moved around.

5. Bala weights
Exercising in the sauna is one way to amp up the results you can enjoy. Time in the sauna increases your body temperature and heart rate which can burn even more calories.

6. Bands:
Using these elastic or fabric bands to add tension or resistance during exercise makes it more difficult to do movements, and engages more muscles, which helps to build strength, you can stack them and use them at the same time as your Bala weights to up your level of fitness!

7. Hair turban
Wrapping a towel around your head is more than just aesthetics; it’s the best known way to prevent the heat reaching your hair in it’s full power and drying it out. Covering your hair will keep it moist and avoid dehydration.

8. Vibe28
This is a GREAT way to activate your lymphatic system working pre-sweat session. It will facilitate getting the most toxins out during your session.
9.  Stretch Lab 
After a sauna session your muscles a nice and relaxed, this is the perfect time to head to Stretch Lab and get a custom stretch by a professional to help improve your posture, reduce stress, reduce muscle and joint pain in between many more benefits!
10. Tony Cress Fitness
If you are looking for a place to challenge you and help you achieve your fitness goals, this is the place!